The role of epoxy resin covering the surface of challenge coins

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The role of epoxy resin covering the surface of challenge coins

Protective Functions

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1. Anti-scratch and abrasion of police challenge coins

Police Challenge coins are often rubbed and bumped by various external forces during circulation. As a hard and wear-resistant material, epoxy resin can effectively protect the surface of challenge coins and prevent them from being scratched or worn. Whether it is for daily carrying or displaying and preserving, challenge coins covered with epoxy resin can maintain their original luster and integrity.

2. Water and Moisture Resistance

Metal materials are prone to oxidization and corrosion in humid environments, while epoxy resin has good waterproof performance, which can effectively isolate moisture and air and prevent the surface of challenge coins from rusting. In addition, epoxy resin can also prevent some chemicals from eroding challenge coins and improve their durability.

3. UV challenge coins Protection

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage many materials, causing colors to fade or materials to deteriorate. Epoxy resin has good anti-ultraviolet performance, can protect the color and pattern of challenge coins from ultraviolet rays, so as to prolong its service life and maintain its beauty.

Team Challenge Coins

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Aesthetic effect

1. High gloss

The epoxy resin has high gloss after curing, which can give the surface of challenge coins a bright luster and make them more eye-catching. The high gloss surface not only enhances the visual effect of challenge coins, but also increases their collection value.

2. Color Enhancement

Epoxy resin has transparency, which can enhance the color vividness and contrast of the surface of challenge coins, and make its pattern and text more clearly visible. Especially for those challenge coins with exquisite design and rich colors, covering epoxy resin can make their details more vivid and realistic.

3. Surface Flatness

The epoxy resin can fill in the small bumps on the surface of challenge coins and make them more flat and smooth. The flat surface not only improves the feel of the challenge coin, but also helps to show the fineness and complexity of its design.

Military Challenge Coins Tactile Improvement

1. Enhancement of Hand Feeling

The surface of the cured epoxy resin is smooth and has a certain degree of hardness, which is very comfortable to the touch. Compared to bare metal surfaces, epoxy resin covered challenge coins are warmer and smoother, giving a high quality feel.

2. Increased Grip Comfort

Epoxy-covered Challenge Coins do not feel cold when you hold them, which is especially advantageous in cold environments. In addition, the anti-slip property of epoxy resin can also increase the stability of holding and reduce the possibility of challenge coins slipping out of hands.

Commemorate Challenge Coins Value-added effects

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1. Enhance the value of collection

Challenge coins themselves have a certain collector’s value, and after the surface is covered with epoxy resin, its durability and aesthetics are improved, thus further increasing its collector’s value. For collectors, well-protected challenge coins are more attractive and have more value-added potential.

2. Increase market competitiveness

In the challenge coin market, challenge coins with unique designs and high quality are more attractive to consumers. Epoxy-covered challenge coins are more likely to stand out in the market and increase their competitiveness due to their excellent protection and aesthetic effect.

Religious Challenge Coin Application cases

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1. Military challenge coins

In the military, challenge coins are often used to commemorate a mission or to recognize the contribution of a soldier. Epoxy-covered military challenge coins not only preserve their commemorative significance, but also maintain their integrity during daily use. For example, some of the U.S. Navy’s challenge coins are often epoxy-covered to ensure that they remain in excellent condition under harsh conditions.

2. Police and Fire Challenge Coins

Police and fire department challenge coins are also used in a variety of environments and are covered with epoxy to protect their surfaces from wear and tear. For example, the New York City Police Department’s challenge coins are often covered with epoxy to ensure that they remain in good condition for a variety of tasks.

3. Corporate and Club Challenge Coins

Some businesses and clubs also create challenge coins to commemorate events or reward employees. Epoxy-covered challenge coins not only enhance the look and feel of the coins, but also increase their commemorative and collectible value. For example, the challenge coins of a well-known technology company covered with epoxy resin were highly appreciated by employees and customers, and became a popular collector’s item.

To summarize, covering the surface of challenge coins with epoxy resin has significant effects in various aspects. It not only provides strong protection against scratches, abrasion, moisture, and ultraviolet rays, but also enhances the aesthetic effect of challenge coins by making them brighter, more colorful, and flatter. In addition, the epoxy covering improves the tactile feel of the Challenge Coin, increasing its comfort in the hand. What’s more, the application of epoxy resin can enhance the collection value and market competitiveness of challenge coins, so that they can maintain their excellent condition and attractiveness in various occasions.

In practical applications, whether it is military, police, firefighting, or enterprises and clubs, challenge coins covered with epoxy resin can play an excellent protective and decorative role, and become an ideal choice for commemorations and rewards. Therefore, as technology advances and people’s demand for quality increases, the application of epoxy resin covering in challenge coins will have a broader future.

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