GT Gifts Badges are made of zinc alloy or brass metal, we can supply you police badge, masonic badge and car badges in highest quality and fast delivery.


Law enforcement Police Badges Series

Green Tree Gifts manufature custom police badge including sheriff badge, nypd badge,lapd badge,police officer badge, law enforcement badges,security badges.

police chief badge

Custom police badges differ from standard badges in that they are specifically designed to represent a particular department or officer. They often incorporate unique elements such as department logos, emblems, or personalized engravings. These customizations allow for a more personalized representation of the department or officer, fostering a sense of pride and ownership.

sheriff badge

Custom police badges are important in representing individual departments and officers because they serve as a visual representation of their identity. They help to distinguish one department from another and create a sense of unity within the department. Additionally, custom badges can also serve as a form of recognition for officers who have achieved certain milestones or accomplishments.

metal car emblems

Custom metal masonic badges for cars logos are a strong option for your company’s logo. Featuring both a brand mark and identifying typography, the car emblem metal  logo is a recognizable way to communicate using multiple visual car metal badges.
Emblem logos are favorites of large-scale organizations and corporations that have become successful mainstays in their industries. This article will outline emblem logos and how they’re used effectively to guide businesses in their logo design decisions.


Metal auto emblems pin badges offer a unique blend of branding, design expression, and business promotion. Standing out is crucial for your success in the business world.
Used correctly, personalised enamel lapel pin badges are powerful tools to improve brand awareness, increase profits, raise employee morale and much more.

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Badge Applications

police badge

A badge is an identification tag no matter police badge, custom car emblems or car badge,which has been issued to someone who belongs to a group or organization. A suit pin badge may be worn on clothing, attached to a lanyard around the neck, or affixed to a vehicle.The purpose of wearing a badge is to show membership in a group or organization. In addition to showing membership in a group, badges often serve another important function. They provide security against unauthorized access to areas where people cannot easily see them.

custom police badges

Custom police badges are important in law enforcement for enhancing identity and symbolizing authority and trust. They also play a role in building stronger community relations and shaping public perception of law enforcement. Custom police badges can benefit law enforcement operations and promote officer safety.The design process and materials used in custom police badge manufacturing are crucial for creating high-quality badges.The future of custom police badges in law enforcement is likely to continue evolving to meet changing needs and expectations.

metal military car emblems

Beyond making it easier for consumers to identify a car’s make, metal car badge emblems are there to bring a dash of class to a vehicle’s appearance. This is especially true for vehicles, where the custom metal car badges on the front grille or rear of the car is one of the first things people will notice.

custom metal emblems for cars

The appearance of your brand is essential, and 3D custom metal emblems for cars are an excellent way to showcase your brand in a professional and eye-catching manner. Metal car emblems offer a unique look that sets you apart from others and makes a lasting impression on your customers.

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