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A lapel pin, also known as an enamel pin, is a small pin worn on clothing, often on the lapel of a jacket, attached to a bag, or displayed on a piece of fabric. Seperate into hard enamel and soft enamel lapel pins.


Custom Enamel Lapel Pins Series

Green Tree Gifts manufacture Lapel Pin which use zinc alloy include Custom enamel pin, personalised lapel pin, Soft Enamel lapel pin, hard enamel lapel pin.


Printed Enamel Pins Education and awareness: enamel pin printing can be used to educate and inform people about a topic, issue, or problem. custom enamel pin badges can be used to convey facts, statistics, or data.  can also be used to raise awareness, inspire action, or advocate for a change.

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Custom hard enamel pins Collecting and trading: Custom enamel pin maker produce enamel pins can be used to create and expand a collection of pins. They can be used to showcase one’s preferences, tastes, or personality. They can also be used to trade with other pin enthusiasts, or to join a community of pin collectors.

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3D enamel pin frame help businesses to stand out from the crowd, Custom enamel pin jacket is  a unique way to show support, Pins are also less obtrusive and more stylish than other options. When people wear them, it’s far less obvious that they are doubling as a form of advertising.
And from a safety standpoint, these enamel pins no minimum can be mailed easily or pre-packaged in individual plastic bags, making them a more sanitary option during the pandemic.

Hard Enamel Lapel Pin Custom

Enamel pin glitter are an established trend—and perpetually in fashion. enamel lapel pin have long been a jewel that people affix to jackets and other clothing to assert their individuality.
Loyalists who enjoy a music band have rocked designer enamel pins badges of their favorite group. At the same time, political-themed pins have been worn during election seasons. And students who won awards in school received a lapel pin commemorating their efforts.

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Lapel Pin Maker Applications

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Fashion accessories and personal expression: Custom Enamel pins can be used to accessorize and personalize clothing, bags, hats, and other items. They can reflect one’s interests, hobbies, passions, values, or identity. They can also be used to create a unique style or mood, or to match an outfit or occasion.

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Lapel pin enamel pins Corporate identity and branding: Enamel pins can be used to represent a company, organization, or brand. They can display a logo, slogan, mission, or vision. They can also be used to create a sense of unity and belonging among employees, members, or customers.

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Enamel pin flag Promotion and marketing:custom made enamel pins can be used to advertise and promote a product, service, or cause. Pin enamel custom can be used to attract attention, generate interest, or create a buzz. They can also be used to spread a message, raise awareness, or support a campaign.

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Recognition and reward: Enamel Pin Maker make Enamel pins can be used to acknowledge and appreciate someone’s achievements, contributions, or loyalty. Custom enamel pins no minimum  can be given as awards, prizes, gifts, or incentives. Flower enamel pin can also be used to celebrate milestones, anniversaries, or special events.

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