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We can help you customized your own custom poker chips, clay poker chips or plastic poker chops.

Poker Chip

Composite Poker Chips Clay Material Series

Green Tree Gifts Manufacturing kinds of Poker Chips mainly including clay poker chips and plastic poker chips, which have differnet shapes.

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Poker chips are much less expensive to create than metal coins, making them a fantastic choice for those on a limited budget. Another benefit of poker chip set versus metal coins is how portable they are. If you’re seeking for a cheap and practical method to bet, poker chip coins can be your ideal option.

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Poker chip personalized (also known as casino chips, gaming tokens, or checks/ cheques) are small discs used as currency in casinos. Larger, rectangular gaming plaques may be used for high-stakes games. Poker chips and values are also widely used as play money in casual or tournament games, are of numismatic value to casino chip collectors, or may be kept as souvenirs.

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Standard poker chip colors and values had the added benefit of reducing cheating opportunities. The average poker chips set contains whites, reds, and blues or greens. Larger home games may use bigger poker chips sets with more colors, such as black and yellow.

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Most professional poker chips at poker rooms display the room’s logo in the center of all gaming chips. The logo display is a form of advertisement, but the logo or brand name also makes the chips optimal for mementos and collections.

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Poker Chip Applications

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Home game chip sets are often made of plastic. The very cheap, original chip sets consisted of very thin, plastic discs. Those transitioned to stronger custom plastic chips with metal inserts to make them heavier. Manufacturers eventually added some amount of clay to better mimic the look and feel of real casino chips. Professional chip sets with strong clay chips can be prohibitively expensive for the casual home game player.

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Plastic chips are the most affordable type of poker chips, and are often used in home games or casual settings. They are made from a hard, injection-molded plastic, and are lightweight and easy to handle. Plastic chips do not have the same level of durability or quality as clay or composite chips, and are more prone to wear and tear.

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Over time, the size of casino chips has changed, but it’s now consistent in almost all casinos. Poker chips are 39mm in diameter, with only an occasional high-limit chip a little larger- possibly up to 48mm. The standard thickness of a traditional poker chip color values is 3.5mm. The weight can vary from 7g to 20.5g, though most stay between 8g and 14g.

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The type of poker chips that you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the needs of your game. Clay, composite, and metal chips are the most popular options for serious players, while plastic chips are a good choice for casual games or home use.

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