Where can I get a challenge coin made?

At GT Gifts a qualified custom challenge coin manufacturer, the ordering process is very easy for you to operate.
Sending us your challenge coin request, you only need to follow each step and select your favorite choice. Artwork Design-Mold Making—Die Casting—Stamping—Die Struck—Split from Outlet—Polishing—Painting —Baking—Packing—Delivering.

At GT Gifts, all the challenge coins and lapel pins use international pantone colors. If you add one color, the price is $0.1 per color. The screen printing is not limited. But the more color it is, the more expensive the price is.

How do you make custom made challenge coins? Our all custom coins are made of metal like iron, brass, and zinc alloy. Different crafts use different metals to get a perfect effect. Our custom challenge coins use different plating to get fantastic effects. 
Especially, custom double plating coins are very popular among customers. Our coins include die-struck challenge coins and die-cast challenge coins. Make your own coins with GT Gifts.

Not always. It depends on your needs. We can create custom-shaped challenge coins for you with the best quality.  Welcome to design specially shaped coins like cut-out shapes! 
Most of them require 2″ in size. The standard thickness of our custom coins is 3.0mm, if you need 3D more high, it can be realized, usually our 3D highest 9.5mm edges 3.5mm. Meanwhile, different coin sizes can be welcomed.

Of course. As we know, different edges can create perfect effects. Therefore, we provide you like Standard edge, Rope edge, Leaft edge, Cross cut edge, Spur edge, Oblique line edge, Bezel edge, and so on. You can know more information on our web

JPG, PDF, PNG, EPS, AI, etc. If you want to send your picture in other forms, you have other forms, also send us freely. We have own designer to help you exchange it.

The challenge coin prices depend on the size of the required currency and the options. Please refer to the challenge coin pricing from our online quotation system cheap challenge coins. We’re sure that you won’t find any other best challenge coins than ours.
GT Gifts doesn’t have any requirements for your order quantities. Custom challenge coins no minimum! But there is a below-minimum fee.

When you customize your coins the first time, a mold fee needs to pay. But our mold fee is free in the next two years and we will keep it in our mold room.

Before the production of your order, you can cancel it at any time and are entitled to our money back. However, once your product has molding or been finished, we won’t cancel it. If you get a defective product, we will either re-make your order free of charge or give a discount. But this is rare!

You can pay for your order online Paypal or t/. Production will begin as soon as your payment is received.

The UV printed coins are made with printing crafts. They can 100% show your design with vivid colors and patterns. If too many colors can not realize on enamel colors filling,usually we suggest UV printing.

Our shortest turnaround time is typically 7-15 days for production, with 3-5 days for shipping. If you are not in a hurry to receive the items, longer turnaround times will offer a shipping discount. It ranges from 15, 20, and 30 working days, with a 10, 20, and 30 percent discount accordingly.

All images in the gallery and exhibition and their designs are the copyrighted designs of our customers. You cannot order someone else’s design without their explicit permission.

Typically, our challenge coins are either made of Brass or zinc.

There is shiny gold, shiny silver, shiny copper, shiny black nickel, two tone, antique gold, antique brass, antique silver, antique copper, two tone,  and rainbow finish.

With a 2D coin, the surface will be flat, and the metal line work that makes up the design will be raised, with the top of the line flat. With a 3D coin, the surface will be raised, and the design will be detailed and rounded off to give it a 3D effect. 3D will be more expensive.
A 2D coin only has two levels, one raised level over a lower recessed level, 3D coins have infinite levels of raised and recessed detail, allowing for sculpted images and rounded edges with more realistic depth on a coin’s metallic surface.

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