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Custom Keychains mainly used by businesses to make their brands known to the world and to further promote their businesses as the keyring contains their business names, contact information, and sometimes a logo.



Custom PVC Keychain,Embroidery&Metal Keychain Series

Green Tree Gifts provides keychains including metal keychain, Rubber keychain, embroidery keychain, keychain of car, keychain for men, keychain bike.

Metal Keychain men

The primary purpose of a Metal keychain, or as we often refer to them in keyrings, lies in their functionality. They keep our keys organised and easy to find, especially when you carry multiple keys such as car keys or house keys. Beyond this practical aspect, they also serve an aesthetic function.
Metal Key Chains are highly useful gifts with a high individual and emotional value for the recipients.

PVC keychain of Car

Custom Leather Keychains for car made of leather and rubber are relatively affordable, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a cost-effective way. Personalized leather keychain Durability: Leather and rubber are both materials that are known for their durability and strength. They can withstand wear and tear and are unlikely to break or tear easily, making them an ideal material for leather key chains for guys.

custom rubber keychains

Mens leather keychain Aesthetics: Leather and rubber key chains offer a sleek and stylish look that is appealing to many people. The natural texture and color of leather and the smooth and flexible texture of rubber make for a visually appealing key chain.

keychain for car keys

Metal Key Chain Versatility: key chains metal can be easily customized with different designs, logos, and colors, making them an ideal promotional item for businesses and organizations.
Custom metal keychains Affordability: Key chains made of zinc alloy are relatively affordable, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a cost-effective way to keep their keys organized and secure.

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Custom Keychain Applications

Metal keychain womens

High Utility Keychain Personalized Value

Keychain personalized are convenient gifts with vital personal and emotional significance for the receiver. A high-quality keychain will have a high retention rate and maintain your brand next to your target market. Keychains are a great way to advertise any brand or business and to captivate any audience, regardless of age or gender.

3D Soft Rubber keychain rubber

Substantial Emotional Pvc Keychain Value

You may establish a real and positive connection with your audience by giving away a lovely gift keychain. PVC Keychains are a terrific alternative to postcards and thank-you notes since they provide a playful twist to your marketing and spread your message far on a shoestring budget.

keychain personalised

Custom Made Keychains 

Custom Keychains Can be employed as symbols of corporate identity to subtly but effectively convey a business persona and corporate culture. For instance, a keychain in the style of a house would be a fantastic choice to advertise realtor offices and home maintenance services. In contrast, a keychain with a sports theme would be a great giveaway to advertise sports-related businesses or partnership arrangements.

Embroidery Keychain (2)

Keychain Embroidery

Keychain embroidery designs,twee sides embroidery with your own logo’s and texts. It include Personalized Keychain, Car Key Chains for Men Double Side, Cute Keychains for Women. Our Top quality embroidered key chain, with compeititive price. Standard size: 13×3 cm (130 x30 mm) of 13×2.5cm (130x25mm) Other size is possible.

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