Why Customize Challenge Coins?1

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Why Customize Challenge Coins?

Challenge Coins 1
Historically, challenge coins were customized by troop commanders to recognize and honor troop members for special achievements. Today, active duty military commanders, and some law enforcement leaders also customize and collect challenge coins.

Challenge coins are used in a wide range of applications today. Challenge coins represent social status, special accomplishments, and special identities.

Who are challenge coins usually awarded to?

Challenge Coins 2
Historically challenge coins were used to honor soldiers for special achievements. Nowadays, challenge coins are available to anyone and people can customize a variety of challenge coins to use in their daily lives.

It is very common nowadays for specific organizations and social groups to give out challenge coins to every member who joins the organization. An example of this is the Masonic challenge coins, which are now available on the market in a wide variety of Masonic challenge coins.

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